Jane Kilthei

I've lived in the Cowichan Valley for 14 years, and I've worked in the midwifery profession to protect women's access to safe and compassionate maternity care for almost 30 years. I feel very connected to this next generation, not only through my own two kids, but through this work. I'm worried about their future. For me, the Transition Movement is a place I can do something positive about that - working with others to build community resilience in the face of climate disruption. I lived in a rural cooperative community for seven years, so there is also something comfortingly familiar about the group consensus process, permaculture and environmental work. I don't see Transition and Activism as being mutually exclusive - I believe we need to bring our passion and purpose to both, to create a just, equitable and sustainable world.

Jess Kerr

I've spent most of my adult life studying literature and ecology and cooking with love for hungry tree planters across BC. I'm now writing my master's thesis on the practice of wild-harvesting native medicinal plants and continuing to weave and teach Hatha Yoga in our community. I'm happiest at the Farmers' Market and in the beautiful coastal woods. May both forever flourish!

John Milne

Active in community and environmental groups for over 10 years. Before coming to BC I worked on my MES on Sustainable Food Consumption at the University of Waterloo. When not working you may find me on my bicycle, on stage, with a sword in my hand, or reading a good book.

Judy Stafford

Executive Director, Cowichan Green Community, an environmental non-profit organization focusing on environmental sustainability in the Cowichan Valley through community gardens, promoting urban/rural agriculture working on food policy with local government. I live environmentalism; vegetarianism, drive my children nuts by living without TV, microwave and make them eat their local vegetables!

Lorna Medd

I joined Transition Cowichan so I can contribute to local action on climate change/peak oil/loss of biodiversity. I'm working on small scale food production and reduced energy consumption at home. Recently retired public health physician, board member for BCSPCA, Cowichan Watershed Board, BC Institute of Social Ecology. Key interests: farm animal welfare, food sovereignty, ecosystem health.

Sandy McPherson

I live "Think globally, act locally" in a non-partisan way, seeking ways to build strength and resilience in community and bring joy during an anxious time. I live using permaculture principles and ride my bike everywhere. Former nurse and municipal councillor, current president of the Co-op at Keating Farm.

Susan Smith

Grandmother of four which is my main reason for doing Transition Town work. Community volunteer: Food Bank, Cowichan Green Community, Food Security Coalition, The Cowichan Valley Naturalists and the Heritage Quilters. I am particularly interested in re-skilling, gardening and learning more about how to encourage our valley to "grow a green economy". We are trying to make our lives "green" in many ways. There is always more to do and I certainly want to have fun doing it!

Tim Taylor

I am a committed adaptable generalist who is working hard to live by the permaculture ethics of caring for the Earth and its people and sharing with all who live on her. I have been living in the South Cowichan since 2009 with my family. I am a former board member of the Victoria Compost Education Centre and am doing my best to help build community in my new home.